What is the consideration period? When applying for a secured loan of up to £25,000 the law (consumer credit act 1974) requires a customer to be given copies of the loan agreement (and all relevant documents) in order that they can read the documents. carefully and consider the loan properly. The customer will have seven clear days to study the documents. During this time neither needaloan.co.uk or the introducing Intermediary is allowed to initiate contact (you can respond to any questions or queries raised by the customer) This period, known as the 'consideration period' gives the customer an opportunity to take independent advice. The customer will be given a signable copy of the agreement (sent on day 8) until the expiry of the consideration period. (day 16). After day 16 we can now initiate contact with the customer. A customer can return documents at any time to needaloan.co.uk this will allow to start processing the loan application. Once the signable credit agreement has been received back the consideration period ends For loans over £25,000 No consideration period exsists Direct, clear, easy. Important information A loan of £25,000 or less is classified as a regulated loan. This means that a consideration period applies by law. Documents sent on day 1 will be non-signatory, sent solely to be considered by the candidate. The signable documents cannot be dispatched until the 8th day. The borrower then has another 7 days to consider the terms of the agreement, during which documents can be returned. We cannot contact the candidate during this period unless contacted first. We follow up the borrower after the full consideration period has passed. Loans over £25,000 do not have to go through the consideration period (this may change in the future). It is an increasingly convenient way for high net-worth clients to generate substantial sums of money quickly, with the rates often being lower than expected. Self-certification schemes are also available when required, as well as plans offering 100% of the property value. Loans are available from £5,000 to £250,000 over a 5 to 25 year term, on a repayment or interest only basis.

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